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The bagel mill


We strive to make the highest quality bagels using traditional bagel making techniques and the best ingredients. Our bagels are made with fresh flour, whole grains, and fermented with a sourdough starter. We use local and organic produce, dairy, and grains. 


We start by milling whole grains on our stone flour mill. We then use this fresh flour to feed our sourdough starter, which will leaven our bagels. We mix sourdough starter, water, flour, unrefined salt, and malted barley flour together. The dough is allowed to proof for a few hours, and then it is formed into the round bagel shape. The bagels are put to rest in the fridge for 18 hours. Early the next morning, bakers will boil the bagels, add toppings, and then bake them. Our bagels take over 36 hours from start to finish, and the result is a bagel that is more nutritious, complex, and easier to digest. 



Our stone flour mill was made by New American Stone Mills in Vermont. This ancient technology grinds wheat slowly between two millstones at a low temperature, preserving all the wheat berry's naturally occurring vitamins and mineral. 

Unlike most whole wheat flour in the grocery store, our flour is 100% whole wheat. What goes into our mill, is exactly what comes out of it. Our flour always includes the wheat germ, which contains fiber, protein, B vitamins and vitamin E. Although it shortens the shelf life of flour, the wheat germ contributes an enticing flavor and aroma. Fresh flour is nothing like the stale, lifeless flour we have grown too accustomed to!

The Mill


The Bagel Mill began in 2017 as Red Dog Baking Co. when we started selling at local farmer's markets. Our goal was to sell whole grain baked goods made from flour we milled ourselves. Our bagels quickly became our bestsellers!

We started to dream of opening a bagel shop in Petaluma. Glenda decided to rename the company to show our renewed focus on what we always did best: making bagels and milling flour! The Bagel Mill was officially born.

The Bagel Mill is owned by Glenda Dougherty. She grew up in Sebastopol, CA. After graduating high school, she moved to NYC to attend New York University. This is when she fell in love with real, boiled New York bagels. She has worked at bakeries and fine dining restaurants in NYC and San Francisco. 

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